Saturday, May 07, 2005

Weekend Syndrome

Does anybody else suffer from this syndrome? It is very annoying specially if you go to bed around 12 AM and you have to wake up around 4:10 AM!
For those who do not know what is Weekend Syndrome here is some information about it: You are supposedly a good employee like myself or a good student just like how I was years ago. You work pr study so hard during the week and you look forward for the weekend to have fun and sleep as much as you can because you didn't sleep enough during the week. And if you are a night owl just like myself you stay up all night to make sure that the world is fine and the sun will shine then you go to bed with peace filling your heart. You wake up around 1 PM and you take a shower then the rest of the day is all routine so we will skip that part. Then your weekend sadly comes to an end and it is 11:59 PM Friday night or Sunday night depending on where you live or the weekend schedule you have. You go to your bed after brushing your teeth and fixing up your bag (if your work is in another city like myself). The room is chilling and you cover yourself well and you close your eyes hoping to see sweet dreams but no! You close your eyes and you toss and turn and get these weird dreams that make you long for nightmares! You dream about strange blogs, a song stuck in your head, some football match you watched the night before and many silly things! The problem is that you get these dreams while you are half asleep! Some weird state where you say please god don't make it 4:10 AM yet! I didn't sleep at all. Just 5 more minutes please. And just as you turn your body to the other side you know this is gonna be your last turn as the alarm cries bringing you the bad news. So you sit in the bed thinking for a moment to skip work today and call and tell them you are sick but since you are an honest person you decide to go to the toilet and get ready to go to work and try to enjoy this long day as much as you can.

In summary the Weekend Syndrome (according to me) is the inability to sleep well or even not to sleep at all the night the weekend ends due to some problems in the biological clock.


True Faith said...

I feel it sometimes but not in weekends; I don't change my biologic clock at weekends and holidays.

I feel it when I suffer from the insomnia. which I am having these days :(

Namika said...

lol join the club :p that happens to me on weekends, want to sleep but end up waking at 6:00 or 7:00 like I am going to work. And I keep telling myslef "hello its weekend go back to sleep" and usually it works..

Calling to say I am not going to work came to my mind a lot lol but of course I dont do it...

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith,
My bilogical clock always changing. Originally I am a night owl but cos of work I had to start sleeping early! Of course I am talking about 12 AM is the earliest I can sleep :P

Why are you having insomnia nowadays? What is bothering you?

Hopeless Poet said...

In weekends that is a different story! Thursday morning is when I wake up more than once and look around me wondering where I am. My PC is always on during the weekend so it saved me many times cos hearing it on made me know that it is the weekend and not a work day cos sometimes I was about to get of the bed and dress up for work!

You don't call them to tell them you are not coming to work cos you are a good employee just like me ;)

ClOuDs said...

hehe.. funny post! :D

i suffered from that syndrome when i was a student and especially when i have a lecture at 8:00 AM :S

i'm unemployed now but i still suffer from the insomnia :S !

Hopeless Poet said...

Morning lectures were my favorite .. I hated the afternoon lectures and I was always sleepy in them!!
Good luck in finding a job.
What did you study by the way?

Rawand said...

This is a hopeless case which I happen to know very very well. I have one question to ask you, are you a Gemini?

Hopeless Poet said...

No I am Virgo :D and I hope you don't have anything against us like many do for no reason :(
What about you? A Gemini?

aljadel said...

i suffered from that syndrom when i travel
my biological clock is damage during the travelling :(
i hered about melatonine drugs,
its a kind of hormones that can regulates the biological clock 4 people,


Flamingoliya said...

drink milk :P

you dream about strange blogs? who? :p

Blossom said...

Oh that's too bad , It happens to me but you know "It my way or the high way " yes I had to skip somedays and I spent all my casual days for the year 2005 , I can see that they discounted my salary but hey I feel good and i'm happy at least I'm a hard worker , they got what they want even before the due date ...*ironic*

El zebda think about yourself for a while , if you having your day off , switch off your cell phone and forget about meeting people or time you know !

ClOuDs said...

Well..i wanted to study designing but I joined medicine school and after one year i transfered to administrative sciences school ( Yuck i hate it :s) and specialized in economics ! funny story huh? :P

aljadel: Don't take hormones!! they r dangerous especiilly for women! :\

Hopeless Poet said...

Welcome in my blog :)
I don't want drugs or hormones to mess up my body!
Traveling is a different story for me, I am always sleepy when I am traveling even though most of the times I end up in a short bed :P

Hopeless Poet said...

Cold milk or hot milk? :P

Strange unknown blogs! But they were interested so I decided to look for them :D
Maybe yours was included I am not sure :P

Hopeless Poet said...

I can't skip days. I don't want black dots in my file :P
Even if I do my work in let's say 2 or 3 days in the week, but I have to be there the whole 5 days.

Thanks for the advice ;)
But switching my cell phone won't help much since I don't get that many calls anyway :P

Hopeless Poet said...

I am kinda like you, I wanted to study something then I got into something else, after a year I changed my major to something else and it was the best decision I've made in my life :D
I would like to study Economics or Finance if I have a chance :)

ClOuDs said...

hey !
You're a copycat :P

I think studying finance is better thn economics .. Good luck ^_^

Hopeless Poet said...

I am no copycat! I did that even before you graduate from highschool or even junior high! So you are the copycat :P
Well finance is more interesting as I seeon TV when watching the stocks and those charts and so on :P
Thanks *_^

True Faith said...

Why are you feeling lonley?

(You could not reply on that ;p)

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
Well when I put it I felt lonely! Sitting in the office bored and as usual no one is online in the messenger and people are busy so I picked that mood :P
Beside it looked nice :P

ClOuDs said...

if u r 20 something years young 3ala gooltek :P ( and i think it means 28 years OLD :P~) then i'm the copycat ^_^
it's ok wwith me i like cats :D

Hopeless Poet said...

I am not 28 yet ^.^
You can say that my age is between your age and 27 ^_*