Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tom and Jerry

While watching this immortal cartoon yesterday, so many thoughts and memories came to my mind. Unfortunately, not all of them were that good! Of course no one likes to remember the many encounters with this not so good animal! The rat or mouse!!

Our home was cursed by having them when I was a kid and because of the location, we still get some every now and then! Well not much, you can say one or two every three years! I remember when I was a kid we used to hear their sounds when we were watching TV. They used to have a place behind the TV table. That time the regular traps with a piece of cheese worked. So we got rid of all of them almost and we thought we had an eternal peace.

Few years back while your poet was trying to watch TV in his living room, he heard this movement sound on the ground. He looked around and saw nothing. He thought, it must be the wind :P. He continued watching TV until he saw that ugly SOB peeking! So he screamed SHIT! A rat in my living room! And being so scared (yeah those ugly animals scare me, I rather face a lion and die than a mouse :P) He went to the expert; his father :D So everything was prepared and traps, cheese and poison. Next morning, bingo! The rat was caught! He was sentenced to death in a nearby trash dumpster. Peace at last! Hell no! The next night I saw another one walking around and being so proud of himself! So again I went to the expert and again the traps and so on.. Next morning.. nothing.. the next morning .. also nothing.. either he left or he is too smart! Yeah he is smarter than his predecessor. The expert at home could not catch him. He had to call the professional experts. The workers in the farm came and looked around here and there and finally the bad rat was found hiding in the stairs room inside a steel pipe. They killed him at last! In brutal way I should add ;)
The damage those rats did was notable; they chew the edge of the carpet and they cut the phone cable that I used to use to connect while I was watching TV.

After two years of peace, and in the holy month of Ramadhan before almost 2 years, again one of them came home. This time he entered the kitchen through the window which was left open unintentionally. My sister saw him while she was opening the oven! Yes dear readers, this SOB managed to get inside the oven and tasted our Ramadhanic food! And thank god my sister saw him or we would have probably eaten that food! YUCK! So again the expert was called to the battle and this time we managed to kill him manually! A rug was used to blind him and then maybe a wooden stick :D We made sure the window is locked properly at night and we went to sleep. Yours truly came from work just to see that the net thing in the window was torn and I announced the news. We set up the traps and so on and used that powerful glow and put it beside the window. Next morning, bingo!! Not one, they were two! Two ugly mice were caught and I guess the maid smashed their heads with a rock after seeing them stuck in the glow :P
I took a photo of them but I lose it :(

Before few days, I was reading in the news paper about a small Norwegian mouse that was put in an island and there was a censor on him but still he survived all the traps and was even able to travel to another island until finally he was caught!
Now who made these animals so smart? Did they transfer the knowledge they gained about the traps from generation to another? Or the mad scientists made them that way??

Another point is, why does Jerry represent the good in that cartoon while Tom is the evil? Why are they lying on the kids that follow it? It is misleading :P


True Faith said...

Tom is evil because he is a cat and all cats are evil.

I may be the only girl in this country that loves mice :) they are adorable, cute and innocent :)

Kazablanka said...

I dont like cats so im glad they represent evil :p

LaiaLy_q8 said...

i think what mice are doing is "evolving" just like some animals did 1,000,000 years ago :p
this is me being smart

Ancient said...

I am glad you lost the photo :p.

And yes I agree it's misleading, when it comes to reality, cats always ROCK.

samboose said...

I think it's time you guys relocate!! Too many mice encounters!!! YIKES!!!!

McArabian said...

Tom is bad because he's bigger than Jerry the mouse - so Jerry becomes the underdog, and audiences love an underdog.

See how I got all three animals in that sentence? McArabian <---smart.

But seriously, I don't mind either mice or cats - as long as it's not a roach I'm good. Also, check any nearby alleys and garbage dumps for mice colonies - looks like there's one in your neighborhood :)

jawaher said...

I hate mice and cats both ..I wish they disapear ....dont say mad scientists they made all the things that u and ur father ( the expert;) used to kill those evil creatures :P
am I encluded as a mad scientist ??:P

adaydreamer said...

awal shay YUCK YUCK YUCK!
I hate mice sooooooooo much... they are ugly, scary, dirty, and just plain YUCK!

now cats are a different story.. i love them with passion... i used to have 3 kids, but my mom "developed" allergies to them and we had to give them away.. i think she just made up her allergiers cause she never did like my cats :( lol

what made you think of this story and your adventures with mice? ;p

adaydreamer said...

* kids = cats lol

ClOuDs said...

PoOr Tom :(

Starry Night said...


U have a very long history with mice :P

I don't know why...but i hate Jerry :D

Brava Valentia said...

i hate cats and mice , i also hate dogs . but i like the cartoon ;-S
i find both tom an jerry to be very cute and funny .

and btw , tom and jerry along with darb alzlag are classics . all ages and generations enjoy watching it;-p

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
I don't like cats that much but that is not true! Cats don't cause 6a3oon and other diseases!
What do you like in those ugly creatures?

You are just biased against cats :P

LooL! I guess I know which animals you meant ;)
You watch too much movies :P

That is what I like to hear ;)
I think I will kill a mouse and take a photo just to show you :P

Hopeless Poet said...

LooL!! Sure I will soon :P

Well in the same cartoon and he is bigger than Tom, but still they made him a good character and a friend of Jerry!! So sorry but your analysis does not work :P

Maybe we need to burn the nearby land because it is neglected since ages!

The mad scientists I am talking about are those who spend lots of time in the lab experimenting evil things :P

And depending on your experiments, we will know if you are mad or not :D

I couldn't agree more with you ;)

And I guess you treat cats like your kids :p
Your mom was faking it for sure!

I thought of it while watching Tom and Jerry on Space Toon :P

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah! Most of the episodes he sufferes burning and explosions and so on :(

Starry Night:
Hello! Good to see you around! Update your blog in your way ;)

Yeah I hate them and they hate me! And I am glad that you are in the right side ;)

Mother Courage:
Good for you! Bala waja3 ras bala pets :D

They are classics! The difference is that Tom and Jerry is international and Darb el Zalag is for the gulf and maybe the arab world only :P And there is also 5alati Gmaasha :D

Namika said...

Tom and Jerry give the wrong ideas to kids. The mouse is the good one and the car is the bad one.. I don't like it much..

I prefer cats than mice :D

Watching Itchy and Scratchy (the simpsons) is much better and more fun lol

Faith said...

I just woke up now after having a dream of big black mouse :s it's all because of this post.. i read it before I went to bed :\

ClOuDs said...

LOL @ Faith :P

Samyah said...

I totally agree with Namika. Cats are adorable and sweet, not evil! I always felt sorry for Tom because Jerry gave him too much trouble.

Btw HP, there's a difference btwn a rat and a mouse. Rats are horrible.. mice are much cuter.

Queen Daallo said...

Hopless Poet,

Don't you think its the time to defend those little mice on earth, all these years and people were taking good care of Cats and nobody cared for the mice. So, probably they wanna show the children a good image for the mice.

Besides, Mr.Tom hates the point of "Live and and let live" he lives in the house, eat the food and enjoy his life. Damn it, why can't he accept Mr.Jerry's existence in the house. Jerry eats little and never make mistakes unless Tom do the provoking thing.

The Idea is: "Tom, should accept Jerry in his life, and share him with everything he has and that's it, done,, that's it :). Is that a political thing or what?! :PPP, whatever it is, I prefer Tom.

"I rather face a lion and die than a mouse :P)"
very funny, I always say the same about bugs, I prefer to face a Jaguar or a Python rather than a Bug. Weird life


Hopeless Poet said...

I agree with you about the bad idea! But I think that Tom & Jerry are better for kids than many other cartoons :p

I am sorry :P

DOn't laugh at her :P

I know there is a difference and when I mentioned them I meant rats as the huge ones and mice as those small ones!

Queen Daalo:
Are you a lawyer?? Even those in theh pratice can't defend like what you did ;)
I rest my case your honor :D
Welcome in my blog :)