Monday, November 07, 2005

Done With Dan Brown

The holiday had ended and I am back to work! BOOOOOORING!

Anyway, just before few days I finished reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons which was the 4th and last novel for him that I read.

I read them in this order:

1- The Da Vinci Code (his 4th novel) <-- too famous to talk about.
2- Deception Point (his 2nd novel) <-- about NASA and so on.
3- Digital Fortress (his 1st novel) <-- about NSA and digital world.
4- Angels & Demons (his 3rd novel) <-- you can say it is the 1st part of Da Vinci Code. Langdon 1st adventure.

I must say that the author put a lot of effort to come up with these novels. I think that the time he spent researching the facts and figures for each novel was more than the time he spent to write the actual novel itself!

I am not sure what is the right categorization for these novels, but the way I see them is that they are action thrillers! Sometimes I even think that the action is way too much! The main characters are either being chased or they are the ones who are chasing! Also there is a pattern that I have noticed but I am not gonna write about it here so that I don't spoil the fun of reading them for those who haven't read them all yet!

As for The Da Vinci Code movie, Tom Hanks will be the main character which is Robert Langdon and the movie is directed by Ron Haward and it is expected to be out in 2006! Thank god they chose an actor who I like watching movies for! Imagine they chose Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?? That totally will turn me off and will make me hate the novel and even Dan Brown :P

Now I am waiting for the 5th novel, anybody has an idea about it? The story line and the date or something?


Tarek said...

I've goot the Da Vinci Code novel but you know I get really bored from reading a novel, so if they are going to film it I'd etter wait for the movie then :)

Mochness said...
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Faith said...

I have been tryin to read the Da Vinci Code for like 4 months now and I still haven't finished it yet!!.. I don't like reading it i'm not a fan of this kind of novels.. but i want to finish reading it just to challenge myself :P

I guess Hanks will do his part just fine, but again, if they chose Depp to play Langdon, it would've been perfect ;)

McArabian said...

Great books :)
I like Dan Brown - read Angels and Demons way back when it came out as an e-book. It was the first novel I remember my brother reading front to back and actually enjoying it (he used to hate reading).
If you liked Dan Brown, you might like Michael Crichton - he also does a lot of research for his books although they're a bit more sci-fi than Dan Brown.
A good one to pick up of his that's not sci-fi is 'Airframe' :)

ClOuDs said...

I don't know the writer nor the novels ! but i heared that the da vinci code is yucky ! :S is that true??

Hopeless Poet said...

I thought that I will get bored from it too! But I was actually hooked specially while reading the last chapters!
I was also waiting for the movie, but my sister who bought the book convinced me of reading it :D

No read them! They are nice and you will learn a lot about American politics!

No, I never heard that! It does not suit Depp at all! With his tattoos and all! I think that Tim Robbins would have been better :D

And I expect his new novel to be out and you still didn't finish the book :p

No! Depp is no good for the part!! Hanks is ok! Tim Robbins is better though!

Really? That must be good then :D I don't like reading that much, but that kind of books really attract me :D
I never heard of Crichton, but I don't like sci-fi things! And I hate Star Wars kind of books and movies :P

No it is not yucky! Give it a try and see by yourself! It is nice to read and learn :D

Mochness said...
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McArabian said...

Sha3r: Crichton is sci-fi only in terms of trying to figure out what today's technology going to be like in 5 or 10 years - nowhere near Star Wars type of stuff. Alot of his books were made into movies: Jurassic Park, Timeline, Twister, Congo, Disclosure, Rising Sun, etc (the show ER is also based on his books and he's one of the main writers there).
If you liked Dan Brown, you'll probably like him, trust me on this ;)

Hopeless Poet said...

No actually I haven't noticed that! All I have noticed is that you read more books in a year that I will ever read in my whole life :P

McArabian or Bint AlAarab:
From all the movies you have mentioned, I only watched Rising Sun and Disclusure :P

But I think I will give him a try!

Mochness said...
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Samyah said...

I started Angels and Demons in the summer and still haven't finished it. All of Brown's books seem to have the same storyline.. which isnt completely bad since its a good one but it gets sort of boring.

Tom Hanks WAS a great choice for his character!

Faith said...

Of course that's what's gonna happen :p

I agree Hanks is the perfect actor for this movie, but i was talking about cuteness ;)

Kazablanka said...


Hopeless Poet said...

You earned it ;)

Yeah almost the same I agree! But fun :D
And Tom rocks :p

Cuteness is not everything in the world :p

I updated and I need to do so again :p