Monday, July 04, 2005

Poem Of The Week :Loss and Gain

The poem today was written by the "Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" and I can say that he has a nice name :P

Loss and Gain

When I compare
What I have lost with what I have gained,
What I have missed with what attained,
Little room do I find for pride.

I am aware
How many days have been idly spent;
How like an arrow the good intent
Has fallen short or been turned aside.

But who shall dare
To measure loss and gain in this wise?
Defeat may be victory in disguise;
The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.


ClOuDs said...

Good One ;)

Salty-C said...

Longfellow. Nice. ;P

Mona said...

this is a treasure ..!!
I am glad to read for you. Please keep going 'cauz you have a fan now

Hopeless Poet said...

Thanks! Too bad no clouds in it ;)

Yeah very nice! Thanks ;P

Welcome in my blog :)
It is a treasure and too bad I didn't write it :P
And I am glad to have you visiting my blog :)

Salted-Caramel said...

Funny name. He must be a tall guy otherwise the name wouldn't really suit him. It would be more like Shortfellow.

Hopeless Poet said...

Wallah I didn't measure his height to know :P

Pink sHoKoLaa.. said...

ehehe..!! isma iz funne but cute in a way, a7isa wa7d '6ayi3 ib 7ayaata ma yadree wain alla gaa6a :P~!

btw...3indy su2al :) 7ag mino it7ib tisma3 a8any?

Hopeless Poet said...

Pink sHoKoLaa:
Laa he knows! I was with him once and he told me he knows wain allah gaa6a :P

For many!! Country singers, Bruce Springsteen, Old songs! Arabic you can say I like some songs for Majeda AlRomi and few others but not that much! I like also instrumental music like Kenny G and George Zamfir.

iamnasra said...

Im glad to read this makes a lot of sense..its sound advice to someone like me