Monday, July 04, 2005

Books Tagging!!

I think this is the most posted topic in the last 2 weeks in the blogs!! Anyway I had been tagged by Namika and True Faith :D and maybe others that I don't know of :p

Here are my answers:

Number of books I Read or Own:
Many I didn't count them! They are mostly mystery books by Agatha Christie and others less known! Even I have those small Egyptian mystery books if anybody remember them :P Last book I read:The Blue Nowhere: A Novel by Jeffery Deaver.

Books that mean a lot to me:
All Agatha Christie books! I think I have all her books that are available in the market :D

The book I am reading since long but could not finish:
A novel called: Birdman by Mo Hayder! For some reason I am not that attached to read it! Maybe the writer style is not that good!

I am currently reading:
Birdman and a poems book for Rupert Brooke!

The poeple I wanted to tag have been already tagged :P


Blossom said...

" Even I have those small Egyptian mystery books "

Ok I never have one of these , I hate'em cuz they quality of the paper is poor and they are yellow and i...just hate'em !

No wonder that you have such a poetic sense ...Good for you :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Well what would a person do that time? No Internet and no satellite channels and my English was still too basic! And they were available in the small book store near my home!

I am not sure how does that relate to my poetic sense though :P

ClOuDs said...

e7em e7em .. I'm here ^_^

Agatha Christie :|

I wanted one day to read a novel written by her but i couldn't ! I don't like her style :D

and hey.. !

why don't you read arabic novels and poems?? @_@

Hopeless Poet said...

Hala wallah .. nawarti ^_*

Yes Agatha!! Her style is the best! And I read her books in Arabic :P
And also the ehyptians books I talked about are in Arabic :D
But I don't read for Arabic writers or poets that is true and I don't know why! I read before ages that I can't remember now!

Anyway, I am not much into books :P

Pink sHoKoLaa.. said...

see, i told u id visit ur site...especially urz ;))!!
neway, mystery books?!?!?!? wht's up w/that???
so u hav a mysterious side...........i like that!
tc and keep posting, ill just keep visiting :PpP~!

Hopeless Poet said...

Pink sHoKoLaa:
And I believed you ;)

Yeah mystery books :D They are good and enjoyable to read specially before you sleep :p
And yeah they tell me that I am kinda mysterious :P
And I will post for sure as long as you will visit ;)

Blossom said...

The more you read the better you express and write ....I think reading gives peace of mind and confidence

So I still believe it this way !

Hopeless Poet said...

That is true! Though I don't read as much books as someone who writes should!
That is all because of the Internet :P

True Faith said...

mystery books ... That has nothing to do with poems ????

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
I don't think they have anything to do with poems! Unless I learnt some new words and used them in my poems :P
I forgot to mention I read Robert Lee Frost poems book but it is my brother's book not mine :P

Faith said...

elly ygraa your poems will never expect that your are intrested in mystery books .. really i didn't expect it..

erm, i guess this is part of you being mysterious, yeah :)

Hopeless Poet said...

You are mysterious too ;)
And I don't know why it is not expected that I read mysteries! I am into criminal and cops books and movies :D
CSI is my favorite drama on TV currently :)

Faith said...

Yeah many people say that about me too, even close ones heh .. but unlike you I don't enjoy reading mystery books at all :P .. movies? perhaps! =)

Hopeless Poet said...

Well you can say I have weird tastes in books, music and movies :P
And yeah so far you are a mystery! And that shall not continue! You should reveal your secrets to me :P

jawaher said...

i didn't visit ur blog from long time ...its so nice to tell us about ur books as other blogger did so crazy about reading ..i love all kinds of books but not those which are about political or economical the way i was woundering if all bloggers and their readers have that much books and they are good readers , why bookstores are not that much croweded as shopping centers ???????????

Mona said...

mystery books ... Ah !!
Thats why i feel some mystery in your writing.
I wish if i could read as much as u but im not a big fan for reading
every time I try to read I feel headache .. That why i learened sth. called scanning .. I read the openning ..the middle and the end of the book
:) It helps people like me

Keep on reading my freind

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah it's been a while! Good to see you again :D
Well I don't know why people will read politics or economics!! Unless of course they are part of their study :P
Well I was in a bookstore today and it was crowded! Maybe they are just window shopping!!

I don't read much by the way so la te7sedeeni on the few books I read in a year :P
The reason you mentioned is exactly why I mostly read mystries! They attract you to read and know all the details and look forward to the end!

Keep on trying to read my friend :D

A Daydreamer said...

i dont get this whole tag bussiness... everybody is talking about it lately... ive been gone for a while, so im kinda lost *sighs* hehe...

but either way, im not reading anything right now (other then school stuff) i used to read alot in high school and in my undergrad years, but not so much now. but there is a few novels ive been dying to start reading, maybe i will grab one and begin reading it today... i will let you know if i actually do it hehehe :)

Rain Drop said...

"I have those small Egyptian mystery books if anybody remember them"

Wow HP..I love them..I still have some of them..They are my memories :(

Hopeless Poet said...

I don't get it too! But since I was tagged I had to post something :P
And let me guess, you are into romantic novels? :D
I used to read more in highschool too! I guess because there was no internet that time!

Oh! Finally someone like me here :D
And indeed they are memories! Our kids should see what we used to read that time and they will laugh at us for sure :P

jawaher said...

hi HP: i have all those Egyptian mystery books ..i love them and i will give them 2 my children 2 read them 2 ....i have also ( almaktabah al 5adra stories ) ..they are very interesting and benificial for children .. did u read them b4 ????

jawaher said...

hp : u deserve more than an interview ...u are my favorite arabian poet so proud of u

Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah I remember them! I don't think we have any at home now. All are gone! I remember the beauty and beast story :D

And well you made me blush! Thanks for the nice words and I am glad that you are reading what I write :) Thanks again.

Pink sHoKoLaa.. said...

HaLLa HaLLa ib poetna!
agool, i wanted to commnt 3alla ur "interview" blog bs for sum reason there wuzint nething to clik on and comment :'(

Rain Drop said...

Hey HP,

Our kids won't laugh..they will enjoy reading them :P

I had my brother to read them..and he couldn't stop =D

jawaher said...

hp: i have them all until now ...if i see u one day ,im sure i will give them 2 u 2 read them again or i will give them 2 ur kids the way what about ( al mo'3ameron al5amsah ) did u read them 2 ???

Hopeless Poet said...

Pink sHoKoLaa:
Hala :D
Yeah I did that on purpose so that you comment on that blog :D

Well the kids I see nowadays are more into tellitubbies and space toon magazine and so on!

Oh thanks :D
And yeah if you mean Ta5ta5 and noosa and their friends then yeah I read that :D
I guess there were other 5 but I forgot their names!

jawaher said...

yea theere are other 5s , but i mean ta5ta5 and his friends ... mashallah you have very strong memory u have them now?? i guess nooooooo ...ween wadeet ur books and ur stories ya mohmel ???

Hopeless Poet said...

No! I still have them! And they are on the shelves beside my PC table so every time I am online I see them :D
They are part of the childhood memories!

jawaher said...

ok good boy ( sorry man ) im sure when we meet u will give them 2 me 2 read them , right ???

jawaher said...

by the way hp: someone write about me in his blog , so ur not only the famous one here :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Sure you will get them all :P
And yeah I saw that ;) But we are still waiting for you to start your own blog!! It is summer vacation now and no excuse for you :D

jawaher said...

i will think again of making my blog ..but u have 2 help me

Hopeless Poet said...

Sure I will help you if you needed any help :)