Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well I am back to work and I am hating it! And I also didn't post something in more than a week! So I was thinking that I may post something about my 1st day at work after the vacation but I didn't wanna complain that much :P
Finally I decided to post a poem I wrote sometime ago and it is called "Blue". It is an alternation between the color blue and the state of being blue.

Blue as the sky in a spring morning
Blue as my tears falling without a warning
Blue as the ribbon tying your hair
Blue as my heart beating in despair
Blue as the ocean waves gently flow
Blue as my pain starts to grow
Blue as the color of your eyes
Blue as my soul vainly cries
Blue as the beautiful color of blue
Blue as my poem written for you


True Faith said...

Blue I like.

jawaher said...

(Blue as the color of your eyes) my eyes' color is not blue :(

A Daydreamer said...

i used to not like the color blue... but now i do! very nice poem... is she wearing contacts? lol jk

Hopeless Poet said...

True Faith:
Blue is the best color I think :D

You can change it to blue or use a contact :P

Oh thanks and I am glad I made you like that color ;)
And yeah she is I think :D

feminine expressions said...

your words take me into the blue...

samboose said...

I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!! It was a bitter sweet. 2 emotions bumndles up together!!!

Ancient said...

Simple and nice

Welcome back to work :P

Namika said...

Not bad HP :)

Rain Drop said...

nice :)

Why do you hate your work?
I will tell your manager :p

jawaher said...

I don't want 2 change my eyes color or use contact 7aram 3aleak I have beautiful eyes ..u can write another poem about brown eyes ;)

Hopeless Poet said...

Feminine Expressions:
I hope it was the color and not the state ..
And welcome in my blog :)

Thank youuuuuuuu glad that you liked it :D

Thanks and work is nice place to write poetry :P

Thanks :)

Thank you!
I hate it now because the messenger is not working and beside it is away from home. Tell the manager so I can return back to my old work :D

Ok I will try to ;)

Peach said...

AWWW! ;) u'z sweet!

Meeshosaur said...

wow so amazing .. blue is m 2nd fav color .. but can u write about black :P .. its ma FAV ..