Monday, February 21, 2005

Song Of The Week (2)

It's Monday again and we are 2 and half days short of the weekend. As I said last week, every Monday I will post a song since it is the middle of the week and I don't wanna think of any creative posts :P

Today's song is called "The Chosen One" for a rock band back in the 1970s called Bread.

The lyrics are brilliant and I don't think any of today's artists or song writers can come up with a a song like this.

I hope you like it, but if you didn't then tough luck, go listen to Eminem!!

I was your first and you were my last
And we are the journey's end
I was the blues and you were my sunshine friend

Now I'm your lover, you are my cover
Keeping the loneliness from me
You are my chosen one... arise and be the one
The chosen one

You are the sea and I am the sailor
Riding the perfect wave
I could've drowned but you came around and save me
She won't play your game
Now I'm your hopes and you are my dreamer
Helping me see beyond tomorrow
You are the chosen one... you'll always be the one
The chosen one

Out of the darkness, out of the shadow
Oh wherever you go, I'll follow along
Wherever you lead me, wherever you need me
I'll bring you my message, I'll bring you my song

You are the chosen one... arise and be the one
The chosen one

Darlin' I choose you, I'll never use you
I couldn't abuse you with all that you've done
You are my sunshine, you are my lifeline
Forever my sweet wine, forever the one


Aquamarine said...

"Now i'm ur hopes and u are my dreamer".. i wanna cry!! Lucky woman! That's not fair! :"(

Aquamarine said...

snif snif..

Hopeless Poet said...

Don't cry! I am sure someday you will be some lucky guy's woman and he should sing and write poems for you ;)

Here have some tissues :p

Aquamarine said...

snif.. hmm.. ok. i will wait. thanx for the tissues.

Flamingoliya said...

i know it isn't your poem but i feel the urge to critisize :p

"I was your first and you were my last"
ya3ni he loved many before her! GGRRRR
i don't call this a love song.

"Now I'm your lover, you are my cover"
he is sure she loves him by calling himself her lover, but to him she is just a cover!!! totally unfair. gas 3aleeha.

"Keeping the loneliness from me"
ya3ni a prime time pet?!?!

"I could've drowned but you came around and save me"
sea makes you drawn, not save you!

"Now I'm your hopes and you are my dreamer"
shayif nafsa!

"I couldn't abuse you with all that you've done"
ya3ni if it weren't for the things she gave him, he would've abused her!?!?

"sweet wine" ba3aaad?! tell him it is 7aram :p

i don't like the lyrics!!!

Hopeless Poet said...

- Well he is a singer what did you expect? :P
But she should feel flattered cos he is stopping at her while she may have lovers after him. Do you see the point? :P

- So what? She is his cover (ya3ni satrah 3aleeh) :p
Don’t you love you cover? How can a pot survives without its cover?

- What? So you are not planning to company your husband so that he does not feel lonely? Does that make you a pet?

- Sea saves you! The waves may carry you to the shore and waves are part of the sea!

- I don’t see anything wrong here :P

- Yeah maybe many people do that not only men and even when you give so much you may still end up abused.

- Wine does not always mean the alcoholic drink, I will check what it can be referring to and tell you :p

- The lyrics don’t like you too :P

Flamingoliya said...

first thing: LOL
second: i thought you were a kind virgo who doesn't argue back :p
third: criticism time:
1. this is smart! i like it! :D
2. i thought men yastiroon 3al women :p if the pot had no muchboos biyay inside, it could survive.
3. would he still say that when his friends are around or when he is in the diwaniyya?
4. yes it carries my suffocated blue bitten dead body!
5. typical virgo :p
6. no comment
7. check
8. how cruel :p

Hopeless Poet said...

I wasn't arguing! I was just defending the guy who wrote the song :P

1. Thanx :D

2. Yeah! Usually it is the opposite, the guy will call the woman as the lover and he will be the cover, but in this song we are seeing another dimension of the man/woman relationship!

3. Do you mean would he say that his wife does not make him feel lonely in front of his friend? I personally would say that I enjoy her company if I really do!

4. Allah yer7amch then :P

5. If I am typical virgo then what are you? I hope you are one of the following:taurus, virgo, scorpio, capricorn or pisces!!
You seem to be a capricorn but I am not sure:P

6. :)

7. About the wine I am not sure now! Maybe they meant the alcohol drink ..but it is not 7aram with them :p

8. It's their lose if they don't like you :P

Thank you for making this copy and paste post an interactive and enjoyable post. I appreciate that you are spending time to read it and criticizing it :)

Flamingoliya said...

3. that's not what i meant.
would he feel lonely when he is with his friends or bil diwaniya? answer is no.
result: he would feel lonely when his friends and mother aren't around.
solution: he goes to her "to keep the loneliness from him" :p
ya3ni prime time pet.

4. :(

5. im not gonna tell you (Mr. that will be too personal) dude.
:p oh and you still owe me the chubby pic.
the signs you mentioned are the romantic and passionate signs hehehehe except for virgo ofcourse.
glad you see me like a capricorn :) i like them.

8. you have a way of twisting facts!!

you're welcome.
whisper:"i'm just doing that to bribe you to get me all the songs i like from the internet"

today's lesson: " don't argue with a virgo untill you read and twist facts to your own good".

Hopeless Poet said...

3. Maybe he would feel lonely when he is with them! and only goes to them when she is not around. Their bond is so strong! :D
They are eachother's pets! ok?? :P

4. :'(

5. Virgos are romantic!! If my nick wasn't Hopeless Poet it would have been Romantic Poet!!
I picked those signs cos they are compatible with my sign according to the star signs sites! I don't believe in that though but some do!
As for your sign and privacy, I respect your decision no to tell me :P

8. Thanks :P

Aha! So you admit that your are using me? :(

Whisper: Don't confuse a healthy discussion with an argument ;)

flamingoliya said...

i didn't know that virgos are romantic. your b-day date must be either close to libra, or the one before, cancer i think?

Hopeless Poet said...

I was born 10 or 9 days before the libra. leo is the sign before the virgo :)
but i am telling you .. virgo is the most romantic sign of them all :D

Flamingoliya said...

romantic maybe, after knowing you :p but not passionate; which is more important i think :D

Hopeless Poet said...

Believe me I don't lack the passion!
And I know you are just saying so that I argue with you and by this you prove that virgos argue :P

Flamingoliya said...

LOL i don't have to prove it cuz i know for sure.