Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Letters in Love!

This story is brought to you by Hopeless Letters Inc. ™.

A, B and C are three young letters from the English Alphabet. As you can see, since that A comes before B and B comes before C, we conclude that A is older than B and B is older than C.
A is in love with B, and B is in love with C. But there is no mention of which letter does C loves, but C certainly does not love B the last time we checked.
This bizarre situation makes you feel like there is a chase between a dog, a cat and a mouse; 3 letters running on a carousel, just going round and round hoping that eventually, the one they love will stop and wait for them so they start running together. "It is a shitty feeling nonetheless" answers A when asked about it. A says "If I know that C is a much better letter than me, I would have understood why B loves C, but I know that C is not better than me in any way!" So we wonder and ask ourselves why does B love C? What does the letter C has that A does not have? We all know that A is a better grade than C in schools' grading systems. Even when they categorize anything from goods to services, class A is always better than class C. So why does B love C? God only knows! We at Hopeless Letters Inc. ™ tried to interview B and get some answers but B didn't return our calls! When we asked A why are you in love with B while there are much better letters that suit you more and when you are together you can make a meaningful words like AN or AX? a sigh and "God only knows" was the answer we got from A. A concluded the story with a pale smile saying "I hope there is a D in this equation so we can form a team who can compete in the Olympics in 4 x 100 meters relay instead of just running on a carousel or we can form a music band and we call it ABCD since ABC (who had hits like When Smokey Sings) is already taken and it is the name of a band who was famous back in the 80's of the last century".

**The above story is fictional and any similarity between the characters and real life letters is pure coincidence.


Hope said...

I order for A to find answers to her/his questions, then she/he should look for the rest of the letters and chuck B out of the alphabets!

Bare Feet said...

The Dr.Bare Feet Association suggests no cure for love nor attraction. They see the situation as a mere making of god and faith. A might not like B for its own reasons. C might not like B for its own reasons. A likes B, even though B my not be perfect. B likes C, even thought C is not the best candidate. It is called the syndrom of "BLIND ATTRACTION". Who does C like? We shouldn't really care. Who does B like? its no one's business but B. Who does A like? No one has the right to go around discovering behind their back.
Love is can not to be CREATED by our own making. It comes without making appointments. No one can stop it.. And no one can create it or make it happen.. Cuz it will never be. The Dr. Bare Feet association concludes with an apology that there is no solution to the problem A, or B or C are facing. It is just the nature that GOD has created for all the alphabets.

Vintage said...

its love posting time :)

its the effect of the spring coming.. :)
very healthy read for me.

Bare Feet said...

u know what.. Romantic monthes are always the months when the season is changing.. like September, Mid February/March.. June/July... and December.
Lonely people tend to be more in need of some emotional person in their life around these times.

Hopeless Poet said...


Well A does not want to chuck any letter because that will affect the whole alphabet and will unbalance the whole universe. Many words containing the letter B will have to changed!! I think A will try to overlook B and act like B is invisible but who knows!

Bare Feet:

What does faith have to do with it? Or you mean fate? I think when things go wrong we always say god and fate. I personally blame A for getting involved in this mess. A is a letter which is old enough to realize that letter B is not good enough to be a lifetime partner. I think it is just a bad luck issue.

Hopeless Poet said...


Yeah too many love posts around!
Unhealthy read for me :)

Bare Feet again:

Yeah true, I guess. But some people change their need with the season, so the emotional person they need has to be changed too. For example, they may need some person in the summer and some parts of fall then when the winter comes, they want to get rid of that person.

Bare Feet said...

i meant fate.. sorry i aint that good with these things.. cuz they dont matter to me.. but I think you are right in balming A for everything.. A should have never got itself in that situation unless it was sure of B's posititve feelings towards it.. If B was 100% welling then we blame B.. If B was shaky and repeatedly asked A not to get attached because it would hurt both sides of the equation. Then theres not one to blame but A. and therefore as you concluded. B is not a good enough life time partner FOR A. But i hope A and B find their own GOOD partners and be happy with them.
And the season one? YOU ARE WRONG..
There is no such thing about changing the person according to the season.. cuz in ur example they woulda changed the person during the fall and not waited until winter.. If there was a strong attachment on both sides that example wouldn't have happened. Lets go back to the letter cuz its easier.. Maybe it was something that B did that turned off A.. or maybe its something that A did that turned off B.. Who knows. All we know is that we change clothes in different seasons.. we change attitudes sometimes.. feelings as well.. but not the TRUE feeling.. tangable true beings. because if we did.. there would be nothing such as marriage or friendship or even work-ship.
I hope i didn't get anyone lost in here.
have a good day

Anonymous said...

your story reminded me of "who moved my cheese"


Hopeless Poet said...

Bare Feet:

Your comment is even longer than the post itself :p
But good that we agree on who is to blame :D


Where is your nick?
I just read the summary of that story and I think it is worthy of reading :)

Anonymous said...

my nick is stolen :p
honestly? i just read it cuz of the fuss i heard about it. and my friends loved it. one of them even has her own copy, and her husband has another!!
i didn't like it!!!! silly story and a waste of time.

yala waiting for your new stanza!!

Anonymous said...

what's the mood of today? are you really a non smoker? or trying to quit? :p

Anonymous said...

that was me, flamingoliya

Hopeless Poet said...

no i don't smoke :D

Al-Hanbali said...

by the was its latin alphabet not english :P

Hopeless Poet said...


Thanks for the notice :p