Saturday, February 12, 2005

101 More Things About Me

Well since everyone else made it to 100 things I've decided that I should even go further. I had my 43 things list before so I decided that i should make a new list of 101 more things about me and it contains all new and never been read before things, exclusive for my readers :p

and here it is:

1. My real name starts with Y
2. I am the oldest single son of my parents
3. My younger brother is married
4. Actually only me and my younger sister are still single
5. The chances of her marrying before I do are great
6. She is almost 6 years younger than me
7. My brother is 1 year and 7 months younger than me
8. I am the only single guy among my friends
9. They always bug me about it
10. Soon is always my answer when asked when are you gonna marry
11. I don't celebrate birthdays including my own
12. I only go to weddings and funerals because of social duty
13. I only go to weddings of those who I want them to attend my own wedding
14. I don't like to go to weddings alone
15. I feel that people are staring at me when I am standing alone
16. I don't like crowded places
17. I feel suffocated
18. I don't like noise
19. I like quietness
20. I like darkness
21. I am not violent
22. When I get mad I punch or bang at the table if I am sitting on 1
23. I kick it sometimes
24. I tried to break the glass cup while I am holding it like they do in TV but I couldn't
25. I am not weak but the glass is high quality
26. I used to join my brother and cousin and fight with a guy who is my age
27. He is a drug dealer now
28. When I see him I always say hi to him
29. I am afraid of him
30. He is in and out of jail
31. His family are good people
32. His older half brother is a friend of mine
33. I tease him when his team Real Madrid loses
34. I don’t like Real Madrid
35. I used to like them before
36. I have a habit of not supporting the same team all the time
37. Argentina is the only team I support all the time
38. I started supporting them since 1990
39. I watched some of the world cup in 1986 with my father
40. They won that cup and that is why I liked them
41. I had my driver license a week before starting university
42. I used to drive for 2 years without a license
43. My cousin who is 1 year younger than me taught me how to drive
44. He has been driving since he was 10 or 11
45. He is also married and has a nice baby daughter
46. I got caught driving without a license once
47. I was caught passing the red traffic once
48. I hate driving for more than 1 hour
49. I prefer to be in the passenger seat
50. I have a phobia of dying in a car accident
51. I almost saw death once while coming back from the airport. My father was with me and a Bangali driver. The accelerator broke and the driver lost control and the car turned in circles (not upside down) and ended up in the sand between the two roads. Thank god the road was empty from cars or someone would have crashed on us. I said the shahada when that happened so I guess I am not that bad after all.
52. When the car stopped and we were safe I laughed and I don’t know why
53. I am not a smoker but I’ve smoked before
54. I don’t drink alcohol and never did
55. I believe that marriage is sacred
56. I believe that friendship is not sacred
57. I believe it is wrong to advance your friends on your spouse
58. I believe that friends come and go
59. I believe that if husbands or wives come and go then you are in a serious need to see a specialist or you are in Hollywood
60. I have my mistakes
61. I am not proud of them
62. I don’t like people who brag and are proud about their wrong doings
63. I don’t judge people according to my culture
64. I judge them according to their religion /background or I use common sense
65. I prefer religion over culture
66. I respect cultural differences
67. I define open-mindness as the ability to realize that people have different cultures and backgrounds and they act accordingly and that does not mean to accept their actions
68. I am good in listening to people
69. I love my parents
70. I hate to disappoint them
71. I did many times and it didn’t feel good at all
72. It used to be hard for me to say sorry to them but I guess it is easier now
73. My favorite janitor is Alaaddeen
74. I spend sometime talking to him and trying to understand what he is saying
75. I think that sometimes he talks trash about me in Urdu or Bengali
76. Another Indian who works with the materials delivery always says hello sir to me
77. I believe that regret is the 1st step in becoming a better person
78. I believe if you don’t regret anything wrong you will just keep doing it and it will be easier to do worse things.
79. I believe that the sky has limits
80. I don’t believe in sacrificing people for dreams
81. I think that is pure selfishness
82. I don’t think that life is short
83. If it was short then I don’t think it should be wasted on superficial stuff
84. I sleep in classes
85. I snored once in a class
86. English class was the most class I got kicked from
87. English language teachers liked me
88. I was good in English and I got kicked cos I was either joking too much or the teacher was afraid I was gonna help other students in the exam
89. I was caught helping a student once in Arabic subject
90. “She’s not cryin’ anymore” for Billy Ray Cyrus was the first country song that I liked
91. I love water streams
92. I love the natural sound of water (khareer)
93. I think it is a heavenly sound
94. Add birds singing to that and it is gonna be a taste of paradise
95. I used to not like to eat fish
96. It is kinda my favorite now
97. I like to think about future more than day to day
98. I don’t plan to go shopping
99. I decide on the same day just before few hours
100. I don’t take long in shopping
101. I wrote this list just to challenge myself since everyone else reached 100


Anonymous said...

Dear Friend ..
I know that time can never change the respect I have for you.....
Except to make it deeper still with everything we do......
In all my dreams of coming years, you play the greatest part,
For I know that time will never change the respect within my heart
Yours For Ever,

Aquamarine said...

1. Yousef?
11. Why don't u celebrate bdays? Not even "Happy Birthday" or a cake?
22. Try punching a pillow, and scream while ur at it. Feels soo good!
25. "High quality"? Lol!
51. 7amdila 3ala ilsalama!!
58. I believe true friends stay forever. At least one person..
71. I know what you mean. :/
101. Good job! :)

Hopeless Poet said...


I can see that your poetry has improved :D
Thanks for the nice poem, and all I can say that you made my day :D


1. No :p
11. Happy Birthdays to the people I know online and who celebrate it .. that is if I didn't forget or just I was not in the mood for it. and no cake .. except for my little nephew.. he is 2 years and they give me some of his party's cake :p
22. If I scream it will be worse! and I can't just run and look for a pillow while I mad
25. yeah :p
51. Allah ysalmich
58. They stay yes but you will always meet new friends and some of them will become best friends and old best friends will be degraded. It is impossible to treat even all your best friends equally.
71. It does not make you sleep well actually!
101. Thanks for reading :D

Aquamarine said...

it was enjoyable.. my pleasure! ;)

Bare Feet said...

But i think that you cheated a lil by telling us about the same subject in different lines

Hopeless Poet said...

Bare Feet:

Come on! I didn't cheat :(
No line is the same as other line :p
Thank you

flamingoliya said...

1. the name yousif is all i can think of!
21. yumma! a violent hopeless poet? doesn't match at all. only if "al fonoon jenoon applies here" :P
25. you are weak :p
i can squeeze 2 cans of pepsi. there!
50. who doesn't these days? :/
52. maybe you were glad to be alive :)
75. LOL
80. i think you have to elaborate on that in a new post.
101. 3oqbal el 201.

where are you from?

Vintage said...

1. y3goob.
2. single is tempting :)
10. soon as in u got her already?
17. salamtik, we're here for u
18 &19 the same tara!
50 me too
54 fantastic
87 me too
98 wen u do take me :)
101 fedaita eli wesal to the top :)

Hopeless Poet said...


1. no
21. violent? not at all but I have to take my anger on something not someone :p
25. I won’t argue with you :p
27. pretty much! I think they should execute him :p
50. I didn’t know everybody else feels the same :52. maybe
75. if he only speaks good English he would have been good buddies :p
80. I will think about it
101.that will be too much personal :p


1. no
2. is it? :p
3. soon as yalla leave me alone ouffff :p
17. Allah ysalmich .. I meant when I am in crowded places I feel suffocated
18 & 19. are not the same .. similar to if there is no hate that does not mean there is love.. so if the noise is not there, that does not mean the place is quiet :)
50. it seems everyone else does!!
54. thank you
87. actually most teachers did like me except those complicated teachers who even hate themselves :p
98. thursday might be your lucky day! last time I just woke up and told me myself I am going shopping! my older sister asked me if I was not busy that day so even before she completed her sentence I said wanna go with me to the mall? Then she said actually I wanted you take us to dinner outside but the mall idea sounds better :D
101. tara aste7i ana :$

Vintage said...

1. y7ya
2. it should be :)

Hopeless Poet said...

1. well again no :D
and stop guessing my name :P
2. why is that? :)

Hopeless Poet said...

i forgot to answer flamingoliya question about where i am from! i am from el khaleej :p

Vintage said...

bcz im in a marriage mood. any single guy is tempting :)

oh and my most phobia of death lies in bed.. i always think i will die just before i sleep.

Bare Feet said...

Can I guess Can I guess...


Aquamarine said...

wat's wrong with dying in bed? it can never get as peaceful as that.

mydream said...

hi :)

1. Ya3qob / Yassin ?

Me 2 : 68,69,61,92,12,13,14,16,18,19,20,48,49,50,58,100,92,70,71,

29: WHY?

Flamingoliya said...

and i am from outer space

Hopeless Poet said...

at least when dying at bed you would die in 1 piece and no 1 will have to collect your body parts :p


welcome welcome :)
1. no either and khalas stop guessing people :p
i didn't know i have many things in common with an Aquarius!
29. cos he is a drug dealer and 5ereej sjoon :D


that is shocking! :|
i always knew that you are a special person but never occurred to me that you are from outer space! well no wonder then, you people are smart ;)