Monday, November 12, 2007


The reflection on water
The blurred image of me
Takes me back
Makes me remember
Makes me stand still
And wonder
Living life like a pretender

The reflection of me
In your eyes
When you steal some glances
It sets me free
It is the way I want to be


Anonymous said...


very nice.

chikapappi said...

shoo mirror!! He's taking about when he looks in my eyez & how that makes him feel :P LOL!!! :$

Perfecty said...

LOOOL chika!!!

beautiful poem :]

GoGo said...

are you depressed?

Swair said...

very nice poem, and the picture matches :D

Gloomy said...

loooooool chikapappi
Living life like a pretender
mara 3ajabny :D

nice poem :D

w the last part is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

nice one !

I like the way u write

Judy Abbott said...


Desert-Roses said...

lool..I hope u dont mind gogo...each time I write a thing and show him...he says: yeah 7elo but depressed....kel el awadem depressed in his dictionary...


so First time for me in ur blog....
when I read the name of ur blog(hopeless poet) I looked 3ala6ool...

never seeen any in this blog sphere to write poems..maybe i didnt search in the end let me give u el zebda..

that was very spirtiual touching!! keep the goods up!!

Hopeless Poet said...

Blue Dress:
No mirrors :P
Thanks :D

LOL! Yeah right :P

Thanks very much :]

Wake me up before you go go! :P
Not that much depressed :D

I looked hard to find the picture so it had to match ;)

Thanks glad you liked it :D

Thanks and I like the way you comment lol!

Judy Abbott:
Allah y3ayshich weyana :P

Desert Roses:
No I didn't mind him at all! I can write depressing stuff while I am happy :P

Welcome in my blog and I don't know how you missed it! I am almost every where :P
There are few other poetry blogs around.

Thanks very much :)

Dreamy said...

nicely written :)

Hopeless Poet said...

Thank you very much :D