Saturday, November 24, 2007


Without further ado, here is a list of things that I find so frustrating:

1- I get an sms when I am asleep or taking a nap and before I open it I pray for few seconds that it is a personal or important message but it turns out to be from the bank or the phone company reminding me to pay the bill!

2- I have just fell asleep and my phone rings once and I check and it is a missed call from those stupid people located in Africa who manage some God knows what businesses!

3- My favorite team Argentina plays so well in the tournament and then reach the final and lose to the below par Brasil!

4- Someone tells me that there is something going on and then says no I can't tell you the details! Why did you tell me from the start if you are not willing to elaborate when I didnt even ask??!!

5- I am on vacation and I dream about math 102 (most of the time) and that I am being late to exam and no matter what I do I can't reach the university on time! The reason is that I skipped many classes for that course more than any other and I barely passed it! So I guess it is still haunting me :(

I am sure there are more but I can't think of any to add!


Judy Abbott said...

easy, turn off your phone or put it on flight mode.
102 math dream is telling you to go and review this course.. it will open your eyes to new things.

your team :) be a sport.

Anonymous said...

Ok the first two problems are easy to solve when you sleep shut your phone or keep it on silent Far FAr away from you... Im sure personal or not can wait till you wake up.

3.Three well what can i say brazil are better.

4. That i'm with you i totallly heat when people do that!
I dont get it.

5. May god be with you ;p

chikapappi said...

akeed Blue! Ronaldo!! listen, you should put it on silent o forget about people.. that's what I do, when am in a bad mood :$ !

Gloomy said...

i usually put my phone silent when i sleep.

ana min anoo3 illy 5la9 lazem a3rif. #4 is soooooo me

5- i didnt get over emt7an al fezya2 illa 8abel sanateen.

i'll add something "ppl who call you and say who am I speaking too"

Orangina fadidra said...

man just turn the phone off .. I do that who wants me talk to me when Im in reality and with my eyes open.

4- soooo hate it. Why bother dont call!

Perfecty said...

#1 happens to me all of the time :[

Anonymous said...

he he he he

3ajeeeeeeeeeeb 7elm el math !! well, a7san men ma ta7lem fe old ugly lady chasing u tbee tethba7ek :$

ana a7eb argantina too, I like missy .. we shall sing: Dont cry for me argantinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! together :)

enjoy ur vocation

MSB said...

#4 is one of my biggest pet peeves! akrah hal 7araka and anyone who does it to me, ma yeslam min elsany!

Hopeless Poet said...

Judy Abobtt:
I can't turn off my phone because my parents may call me from downstairs and I certainly prefer a call rather than someone knocking on my door to wake me up and shock me and I will wake up thinking there's an earthquacke!
Review the math? Waste of time! It is calculas!!

Blue Dress:
1- Same reason as above :P

3- Brasil are not better at all! They are just lucky :@

4- Glad we agree!

5- Thanks :P

You do it because you get many calls while I only get few and most are from my mom wanting me to go down or go buy something!

I also need it as an alarm :P

Don't you get want to kill them? :@

Or people who add you to MSN and ask you who are you! lol

Orangina Fadidra:
I stated my reasons above :|

4- I think because it was itching them and they want the itch to go to you! lol

So we have something in common ;) :P

Your dream ma3nah fee old lady wanting you to marry her son :P

Ei wallah we shall! They lose a lot these days :(

I am not on vacation! I meant whenever I am on vacation I get the dream ..

Elmishkila ma agdar asebhom 3ashan yomkin they tell me at the end lol

Hope said...


I have so many dreams about my statistics class..because I didnt show up to that class at all!!

turn off your phone..sleep is your time to is your time and no one else's time!

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...

102 MATH...'s my worst's good to know that I'm not the only one who suffered LOL<--evil (6)

I'm having Math 244 this semester ... God I hope that I pass it...

I really loved ur Blog...
Good luck to you :)