Monday, March 28, 2011

A Silent Night

Just a new poem ..

A Silent Night

Sitting alone in a dark night
Nothing is there but the sound of the wind
The thoughts are in an hopeless fight
And I am praying for a peaceful end

If only the silence would let me sleep

My aching heart would like to rest
But I know the light soon will creep
And adds more load to my heavy chest


Rummy said...

It's full of sorrow and gives you a heavy feel of what he is going through. I love it..!! Encore.

Gloomy said...


The Tame Lion said...

Cool! Keep it coming!
I'm always here to support you.

*^_^* said...


iamnasra said...

Waiting for your new thoughts

m-a-n-x said...

excellent I love it and that feeling isn't too foreign to me..

Harry said...

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Naazish SohaiL said...

why you stopped writing ?? I miss your presence

Uouo Uo said...

thank you

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