Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Tag of Se7en!

So I have been tagged by Wafa' to write 7 things about me! I think it should be easy :D

1- I am 31 years old and I am single for the time being.

2- I have been engaged and ready to get married last year but it fell apart.

3- I wish I can be as half good as my late father Allah yer7amah. He was and still a great man and father and husband and uncle and a friend and everything.

4- I barely listen to Arabic music and it is just the type of songs you will hear in my playlist that I like.

5- I don't like wearing the traditional clothes (Thoub and Shmagh or Ghetra). I walk like a robot if I do!

6- I don't like to travel much specially when it is economy class (I only traveled once on business class and it was fun :P)

7- I am not a fan of movies as I am of TV shows! I don't think I will even watch Avatar which I believe everyone did watch or ready to watch by now.

Thanks Wafa' for tagging me. It wasn't as easy as expected :P